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        Neeley is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Yorba Linda, California. Her lyrics tell the stories of her life, highlighting new perspectives on all-too-familiar feelings.


        For the past decade, Neeley has built a versatile publishing catalog in pursuit of finding her most authentic voice. With a backlog of hundreds of songs, her publishing entity “Real Me Publishing” that launched in 2015 has worked on campaigns for companies such as Amazon Prime, Ciroc, and Rooms To Go (with HTLST). Since graduating from Esperanza High School in 2019, Neeley has secured credits with artists like Laci Mercede, Tyche, Hadley Belle, Bella KayeEmilia Vaughn, Mari etc as well as producers like Universal Music Group’s Jamie O’Neal, 3x Emmy winning trailer composer “Joren,” and Top 5 Billboard charting producer “Chilly” while performing around Orange County and Los Angeles at places like the Ritz Carlton, The Montage, Tavern House, Angel's Stadium, the Hyatt, Las Brisas, the House of Blues and more while singing and accompanying herself on piano.


          After her time working on staff at companies likes Truly Music, Whoosh Music, and OC Hit over the past three years, Neeley stepped into the artist seat in a new chapter in her career with the release of her first single “27." Neeley expressed, "This song captures both the beginnings of new love as well as the end of an era within myself. As a young woman, you can only lie to yourself for so long as to the reasons why older men want you so badly instead of someone their own age." The official music video — shot to 8m film with director Brandon Chen — debuted on Kodak’s platforms just two weeks after release. Following this release merely three months later, Neeley launched her second single, “take a number” on August 4th, 2023. The track's tag chants, 'This is where I stand now, So take a number on your way out,' pairing playful narrative with blunt lyricism to get her point across. To view the full lyrics or visualizer, visit here.

        Now, excited to release here double sided album of '27 (Extended Version)' and 'Taylor' on November 8th, 2023, Neeley's first official line of merchandise is now available for purchase too. The line features lyrics and designs by Emily Hoang from Neeley's first two singles, making the first year of her debut come to a closing with a bang. 



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